Thanksgiving Tried and True

corn husk poms poms

Who doesn't like Thanksgiving? Lots of good food, wine, football and kids underfoot with none of the greedy grabbing that can rear it's ugly head at Christmas. I've hosted a big group for the past three years and have learned to put my energy into the bird (fresh, local, brined and roasted), gravy (see below), harvesty decor, a running-through-the-neighborhood hunt that sends my family and friends from clue to clue then finishing with a mad dash back home to claim their prize (something silly for the kids and a glass of something for the adults) and dig into a meal they've worked an appetite up for. I say "yes" to everyone who offers to bring something including mashed potatoes and stuffing and buy the rest. Hey, I want to have fun too!

Here are a few links to tried and true things I love for Thanksgiving. I hope yours is peaceful and delicious.

Corn Husk PomPoms—Happy chic. Last year I hung them from the dining room light fixture and ended up leaving them there all year.

Pimenton Roasted Cauliflower—Flavorful and crowd-pleasing. I'll make this again and again.

Make-Ahead Gravy—My go-to for the past three years. Delicious, easy and I think this blogger is sweet.

Cranberry Orange Sauce with Walnuts—Tart, sweet and crunchy. I make extra and eat most of it myself.

Alice's Restaurant—My personal Thanksgiving tradition is a morning run around the lake listening to this funny nearly 20 minute long song by Arlo Guthrie. Never gets old.


patricia said…
Great piece on Thanksgiving! The decor, clue hunt, gravy!

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