You win some, you lose some. Here are some things I made with high hopes of them being delicious only to discover (after taking charming photos) that....not so much. 

The first three are kind of pretty - looks can deceive...

First ever  batch of baked donuts....very dry and dense...
there could never be enough cold milk to wash these down.

Gorgeous chocolate cream pie....and salty as a pickle - ugh.

Rustic grape tart - with raw mushy dough and barely cooked grapes inside.

I saved the best for last...

Beef, mushroom and spinach stroganoff - if you didn't choke on the slimy spinach
 you were wondering what you had done to deserve such an ugly dish.


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Julie said…
I once made Mexican chocolate ice cream, but was out of chili powder and used cayenne in its place (but didn't lessen the amount I used.) It was like eating frozen fire. It was so awful I ripped the bowl from Kevin's hand and threw the entire batch away.
Laurie said…
That's hilarious - he must've been baffled. Such a drag when you go to all the trouble and a dish is inedible.

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