Sweet Potato Fries with Blue Cheese Sauce

This is a quick dressing-up (i.e., adding something extra so I can justify sweet potato fries as a meal) of a frozen product.

It's cheating, I know.

It's not whole food, I know.

It's not healthy even though it's sweet potatoes, I KNOW.


It's real good though.

The sweet crispy fries pair well with the pungent warm cheesy sauce. Add a glass of cold white wine and an episode of VEEP and you've got just the thing to chase the it's-too-cold-when-is-spring-gonna-get-here weeknight blahs.

Sweet Potato Fries with Blue Cheese Sauce

Frozen Sweet Potato Fries baked according to package instructions (or go ahead and make your own from scratch and shame me)

Blue Cheese Sauce

Makes enough for one large serving of fries

1/4 cup cream
1/4 cup crumbled blue cheese
1/4 cup chopped flat parsley (or chives)
1-2 teaspoons sherry vinegar*
Good pinch black pepper

Heat cream over medium low heat until bubbling around the edges. Add blue cheese and stir to melt. Add pepper, parsley and sherry vinegar. Let reduce for a minute or two. Remove from heat, let rest for another minute and pour over hot fries.

* Start with one and add more if it suits you. I like a lot of acid to cut the rich blue cheese but you may not. To each her own.


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