Parsley Potatoes

parsley potatoes

The more time I spend in the kitchen, the more I realize that successful cooking is about technique. That specialized knowledge of how to prepare food that transforms simple foodstuffs into something special. And it's most exciting when the foods are humble, available and cheap. Enter potatoes, parsley, butter and salt. The preparation is equally straightforward. You don't have to clarify or zest or break out your mandoline. The technique at play is roasting - dry heat cooking that browns and caramelizes the surface of food and creates rich flavor. Slice, salt, roast. The only frivolity is a sprightly parsley leaf - added for nothing more than whimsy and because whoever you make them for will feel just a little special.

Note: I think these would be a great appetizer with a little dollop of....use your imagination. I would love a bit of salty caviar and creme fraiche (humble and haute?) but I probably wouldn't get it. Santa, if you're reading this...lots of room in my stocking...

Parsley Potatoes

serves 4 as a side dish

adapted from Epicuirous via Smitten Kitchen

1 lb. yukon gold potatoes (8-9 small)
3 tablespoons unsalted butter
Flat leaf parsley (16-18 leaves)
Kosher salt

1. Preheat oven to 450ยบ

2. Cut potatoes in half. You can also trim a tiny bit off the ends if you want them to sit level when they're flipped over but this is optional. Salt the cut side and place one parsley leaf in the center.

3. Put butter in a heavy skillet or sheet pan large enough to hold halved potatoes (but not so large that the butter gets away from the potatoes, you want a nice fit with not too much room to spare). When butter is melted (a few minutes) remove from oven and place cut potatoes with parsley side down into butter. You want to do this in a smooth motion so the parsley stays in place. I flipped it over quickly and made the butter splash a little - I'm kind of an oaf.

4. Bake for 30 minutes until potatoes are tender


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