Mustard greens and other discoveries

Re. mustard greens—I don't like them. This was hard for me to admit since I usually love bitter greens (arugula, dandelion) but these beauties are too strong and mustardy. I tried them raw. I tried them sauteed Asian-style then I gave up. I want to like this health-packed food. Anyone have ideas?

Re. a solution to the dirty socks my kids leave all over the house—sock jail. Just wait until they've got blisters because all their socks are incarcerated in my tasteful wooden vase on the bookshelf.
Mua ha ha ha ha...

Re. our youngest dog, Bear who ate the house painters lunch that he'd briefly left on the front steps while he carried in his gear—so I had to make a Chipotle run instead of taking a run myself. By way of apology Bear is giving me another reason to put off folding the laundry.

Re. butter—doubled it for cupcakes made out of this spice cake recipe and they were tasty and moist and one more reason the above-mentioned laundry has been on the couch for 2 days. More butter = more better.


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