Pitch: Hit the Farmers Market on a Tuesday

Here in Minneapolis we have a huge Farmers Market that on weekends has three blocks of vendors offering vegetables, fruit, plants, cheese, meat, eggs, flowers, olives and all kinds of crafts and local foods. It's awesome, no secret and attracts mobs of people, so many that it can be hard to walk down the aisles.

But I discovered that the market is also open during the week, albeit with fewer vendors but all the ones I really need and it's not crowded at all. In fact I can usually park right up front and get in and out quickly with a huge, groaning bag of super-fresh produce for about $10.

Plus you get to see the faces of the farmers, their children or grandchildren who grow and harvest the stuff. Just makes you feel thankful and connected.

This time of year is peak and it's really worth the trip especially if you have a little room in your freezer. Roast the tomatoes, trim and blanch the beans, rice the cauliflower and freeze all of it in those heavy plastic zip-top bags I hate (another story) or share with friends and neighbors. Mine are always happy to deal with a little fresh produce.

Minneapolis Farmers Market


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