Corn Soup with Tofu Larb

Corn Soup with Tofu Larb

Did you know they grow sweet corn in Thailand? Me neither, but I googled it after I tested this recipe for Food52's "best warm weather soup" contest and they do.

Kind of fun to discover that our Midwestern summer staple, corn, is a natural and delicious partner to Thai flavors. This soup delivers big corn taste in a broth that's spiked with ginger and cilantro and finished with a pile of crispy Thai-sauced tofu, a riff on larb, which is a southeast Asian staple of minced meat flavored with fish sauce, chili's and herbs.

A great recipe by Colleen Rose—you can find it here at Food52

It's a little quicker to peel corn if you lop off the tops. 

Kernals and cobs are used and produce great corn flavor.

Crispy fried tofu that gets tossed with a cilantro/chili Thai dressing
and piled in the center of the soup

He wasn't after the tofu...I was also making peanut butter cookies. 


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